Tooth Implants – How Long Will The Treatment Take?

Tooth Implants – How Long Will The Treatment Take?

Tooth Implants are small inserts that are surgically placed beneath the gums in the jawbone. The majority of Teeth Implants are made of screws, frames or blades. After the Tooth Implantologist determines that the implant is solidly integrated with the jawbone, he or she will mount replacement teeth, together with abutments, onto them.

What is the secret of their achievement?

Tooth implants are made from biocompatible materials like titanium and have very small pits and ridges. This allows the bone to grow around the implant to ensure that artificial teeth can be supported. Fixed bridges or dentures which attach to implants can be fixed to the teeth and remain stable within the mouth. Patients can speak and eat comfortably.

A patient must be healthy with their gums as well as a sturdy jawbone in order to receive treatment for dental implants. In addition, they should also be in good overall health. Tooth Implant treatment is available to anyone between 15 and 17 years old. This will allow the jawbone to develop fully.

Here are two different types of Tooth Implant Systems that most implant dentists recommend:

  • Endosteal Implants The implants are put directly into the jawbone following drilling the pilot hole. After a period of healing several months the abutments and prosthetic teeth are placed on the implant.
  • Subperiosteal Tooth Implants Subperiosteal Dental Implants The implants consist from a steel frame which is placed just below the gums. As the gums and bone heal, the frame is fixated to the jawbone. When healing is complete artificial tooth posts are attached to the jawbone.

Tooth Implant Treatments: Downtime

Tooth Implant treatments are generally considered to be more complex than other dental restoration techniques such as dental bridges, with the downtime varying from patient to patient. The most common elements on which the downtime can be affected on are:

  • The density of the jawbone.
  • Health of the general population.
  • The whereabouts of the tooth that is missing within the mouth (front or back).

Although the actual process of putting in Tooth Implants can be simple however, it may take several months to plan, healing, and recovery. This is a rough time-table for an average patient:

  • Plan: During this stage the dentist performs an in-depth examination of the patient’s oral health. The entire procedure takes around 1 month.
  • Insertion of the Implant: The duration of this stage varies from one to three days dependent on the amount of teeth implants to be fitted in the jaw. This phase involves drilling small holes in the jawbone, into which an implant is embedded, and then left to heal.
  • Healing: Depending on the patient’s overall health and healing capabilities, this could take between three and six months. The bone grows around the implants and bonds to the metallic.
  • Final reconstruction This process can be anywhere between one and three days depending on the amount of prosthetic teeth that need to be fitted. If missing teeth make you uncomfortable the best thing to do is visit an experienced cosmetic dentist who will advise you about the varieties of Tooth Implants are the most suitable for you and will also evaluate your eligibility for treatment.

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