The Benefits of Zirconium Tooth Implants

The Benefits of Zirconium Tooth Implants

A perfectly aligned set of white, healthy and beautiful teeth is vital to looking your best and boosting your self-confidence. Tooth Implants are a great option for those who do not have straight, shiny teeth.

Tooth Implants are not like removable dentures. They’re not prone to slip, and do not make any annoying sounds. They appear and feel like your natural teeth, and are suitable for use as long-term dentures. They are made of titanium, which connects to your jawbone, Tooth Implants protect the health and function of the jaw.

Because of their high success rate due to their high success rate, titanium implants are one of the most frequently used tooth restorations for Tooth Implantology. 98 percent for lower implants and 91% for upper implants.

Implants made of non-metallic materials have been developed for replacing missing teeth. Zirconium Tooth Implants are a brand new kind of tooth implants which can be used to replace teeth that are missing. They are more precise in strength, aesthetic appeal and strength over traditional titanium implants.

A brief overview of Zirconia

A clear definition of zirconia is needed in the study of zirconium Tooth Implants. Zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) is often referred to as zirconia or “whitesteel” and was first discovered by M. H. Klaproth (1789). Nowadays, zirconia is widely utilized in the aerospace and automotive industry because it is extremely resistant to heat and corrosion. The “wonder material” is characterized by remarkable properties such as high bending strength and hardness and a weibull modulus.

Because of its exceptional properties, such as its high crack toughness and resistance to chemical attack zirconia-based materials have long been the preferred material for lab equipment and a variety of medical applications, including dental crowns, hip replacements and bridges, just to name some.

Zirconia-based Implants

Sometimes referred to as ceramic implants, the metal-free zirconium tooth Implants are now an option to replace standard tooth restorations using titanium. Patients who suffer from sensitivity allergic reactions to metallic implants can choose zirconium Tooth Implants which are totally non-metal.

Fake dental roots are created out of special ceramic (Zirconium Oxide) that is highly resistant to corrosion, heat and fracture.


Because zirconia is naturally white, the bridges and crowns created from it are extremely clear and are extremely similar to the appearance of the natural teeth as well as tooth roots.

Zirconium Tooth Implants permit light to traverse the tooth as the normal tooth, however, they are different from the metal crowns.

As far as the strength of these implants goes, they are highly stable, and are strong enough to withstand wear and tear from regular use. They are capable of lasting for the rest of their lives.

Due to their rough surface texture, these implants exhibit excellent biological compatibility, and are well tolerated by the gingiva.

The implants are extremely secure with the jaw bone, and are absorbed by the gums.

Zirconium Tooth Implants were approved by the FDA and German Governing Boards.

They are completely non-metal and can be used by patients suffering with allergies or who aren’t interested in any replacements made of metal for missing teeth.

Zirconium Tooth implants retain less plaque and calculus and are nearly free of metal sensitivity, inflammation , and corrosion of the metal. This means you’ll have healthier gums and overall health.

Zirconium based implants are definitely the best option for those who want to replace their broken or missing teeth with non-metal restorations. However, like any surgical procedure, implants also are not without dangers and issues.

Radioactivity is a major risk that is associated with zirconia Dental Implants. Radioactive isotopes in zirconium can build up inside a muffle increasing the chance of developing different forms of oral cancers.

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