Tooth Implants: Pros and Cons

Tooth Implants: Pros and Cons

Do you cover your mouth every when you smile in public, since you have ugly-looking gap between your teeth? Are you unable to fix the chipped, broken, or damaged tooth? It’s likely that you’re in need of Tooth Implants.

Patients who had chipped or missing teeth used to have no choice but to live with their dental issues. Cosmetic dentistry has made it possible to have that perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of, and many other improvements have been made.

Cosmetic dentistry encompasses the various procedures and surgeries that can be done to the teeth, with the exception of the ones that are required for health reasons. It’s also known as Tooth Implants or white fillings.

Tooth Implants have proven to be among the most advanced and cutting-edge techniques used in the field of dentistry. The most predictable and natural form of tooth replacement, a Tooth Implant is an artificial tooth root designed to serve as a base for replacement teeth or bridges that feel, look, and function as natural teeth.

The need of prosthetic roots or artificial teeth implanted depends on the health of your mouth that is based on the number of missing teeth, the amount and quality of bone, as well as the type of implant chosen.

If you have just one missing tooth, your periodontist will replace it using an implant and a crown. If you have multiple missing teeth, implant-supported bridges are possible.

Implant-supported full bridges, also known as full dentures can be used to replace missing teeth.

Sinus augmentation can be used to treat jawbone issues such as the sinus lift and sinus graft, or sinus lift. It involves elevating the sinus floor, and then creating bone to help support the artificial tooth root.

The procedure is becoming more sought-after due to the recent advancements in Tooth Implantation technology. However like with any medical or surgical procedure, dental implants can present some challenges and complications.

Before you make a decision on Tooth Implants, consider the pros and cons.


  • Implants look, feel and function like natural teeth.
  • They will help you regain your confidence and your youthful appearance.
  • Implants give you sparkling, most natural-looking new teeth without affecting nearby healthy teeth.
  • As they are incorporated into the jaw bone, they can provide an unbreakable foundation for prosthetic teeth and dentures that will last for the rest of your life.
  • Tooth Implants are often made from titanium and offer an impact force identical to natural teeth.
  • Tooth Implants do not slip or slide out of place when eating and speaking as opposed to bridges and removable dentures.
  • They can be free of the embarrassing clicking and hissing sounds of dentures, as well as the messy glues and pastes as well.


  • Tooth Implants are a surgical procedure that could lead to complications and risk.
  • The site of the implant may experience constant pain, swelling or bruising.
  • Damage to a nearby nerve can cause severe discomfort, numbness, or tingling in the gums or on the teeth.
  • There is a possibility of temporary swelling or bruising on your gums and your face.
  • Tooth Implants can sometimes fall off in very rare circumstances.
  • A tooth breaking in itself or due to infections can occur.

It’s very common to experience an ongoing period of gum inflammation that surrounds the implant.

It can be very time-consuming and requires several visits to the dentist’s office. If you are suffering from serious issues it is possible to visit your dentist several times over the years.

Tooth implants can be costly and may cause missing teeth.

The above-mentioned pros and cons of Tooth Implants require a thorough understanding about the process. So, prior to getting the Tooth Implants it is prudent to consult with your dental surgeon and get a complete understanding about the procedure of implanting false teeth.

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