Tooth Implants Benefits and Types

Tooth Implants Benefits and Types

Tooth Implants are an ideal option for patients with broken, missing, or loose teeth. Tooth Implants are widely used to fix a tooth that is missing or dentures, or the entire row of teeth that are missing.

The Tooth Implant replaces a permanent tooth that feels and looks exactly similar to it. The new teeth will give you a beautiful smile, and also allow you to chew your food properly and enhance your life quality.

An OverviewA Tooth Implant is a fake tooth root implanted into the jaw bone to provide an artificial tooth. A restoration can be made for several teeth using two or more implants.

The artificial titanium root is surgically implanted into the jawbone, where one tooth or a set of teeth are missing. The natural-looking fake tooth or collection of false teeth (crowns) is then positioned over the implanted root. The titanium root is used as an anchor to replacement teeth and also provides support for a variety of dental restorations, including crowns, bridges, or dentures.

Different kinds of teeth that are inserted

Widely considered a form of cosmetic dentistry, Dental Implants are divided into 3 basic types- Endosteal Implant and Plate Form Implant and Subperiosteal Implant.

  • Endosteal Tooth Implant It is also called ‘Root Form,’ this cylindrical or screw-type implant is shaped to resemble a tooth’s root. It is inserted into the jaw to create the foundation for artificial teeth. This type of Dental Implantation is only used in areas where the an adequate jawbone size and width that is plentiful. Implants that are root-shaped look similar to the original tooth they are also the most used of all types of Tooth Implants. The time to recover for Endosteal implant may take between 3 and 6 months.
  • Plate Form Implants: These are usually used in cases where the jawbone is too narrow for bone transplantation. The implant is flat and long in form, which allows it to fit inside the jawbone’s narrow apex. When it’s time to implant, a dentist surgeon gently sets the implant into place and closes the gums with several stitches. The crown is then attached to your implant once it has fully healed. The process of healing for Plate Form implant may be as long as 6 months, similar to the Root Form.
  • Subperiosteal Implant This type of implant is recommended when the bone’s dimensions or size for Root Form and Plate Form implants are not sufficient. The implant is custom-designed and is placed on top of the jawbone but beneath the gums.

The Subperiosteal implant can be placed in to ways: Single surgery and dual surgery method.

A CAT scan is necessary to determine the jawbone for the “single-surgery” method. By using the information from the CAT scan and the state of the art computer modeling techniques and techniques, a model of the jawbone is built. The computer-generated model is then used by a dental laboratory to create the custom-fit subperiosteal implant. The implant is then surgically placed by a dentist on the bone. The gums then are sealed with a series of stitches, and the artificial teeth are attached to the implant.

In the “dual surgery” technique dentists cut through the gums and make an impression of the bone using special materials. The gums are then sealed. The model is then taken to the dental laboratory where the Tooth Implant is custom-made to be a perfect fit for your jaw. The following procedure is completed where the dentist opens the gums and places the implant. The gums are again sealed with a series of stitches.

Tooth Implants The Benefits

  • Tooth Implants are designed to look and function just like the teeth you have in your mouth.
  • They are a permanent solution for tooth loss, and they are long-lasting.
  • Implants can stop jaw bone loss.
  • Contrary to dentures that aren’t fitted properly, implanted teeth allow you to speak and smile confidently, without the worry that your teeth might slip inside your mouth.
  • Tooth Implants let you chew any food comfortably and with ease.

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