Which Glasses are Trending in 2021?

The year 2020 has taught us to, above all else, be kind to ourselves when the going gets tough. But it also taught us to look after our health. So look after your eye health with a new pair of prescription glasses, and treat yourself to a new fashionable pair of frames. This is almost guaranteed to boost your mood whenever you wear them. Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of online shopping? Here’s to a brighter 2021, with clearer vision and ever more stylish frames!

Welcome to SmartBuyGlasses, the number one place to find the world’s biggest eyewear brands, as well as cheaper options that don’t compromise on quality or style. Technological innovations at SmartBuyGlasses render the online shopping experience even better, such as their Virtual Try-On tool. Plus, you can buy blue light blocking glasses to protect against digital eye strain. Here are some of the most fabulous frames that will not only be trending in 2021, but in the years to come too.


1.  Oversized Aviators – SmartBuy Collection Tempe

Get 2021 off to a bright start with an iconic pair of pilot shaped frames. This twist on the classic design will have you turning heads wherever you go. These metal aviator glasses from the SmartBuy Collection will freshen up your look without the need for a magic money tree. Plus, the strong frame material will ensure they sit comfortably on your face for years and years. Wondering what they would look like on you? Use their innovative Virtual Try-on tool to take a short video of your face and picture the frames on you without having to even leave the house!

2.  Blue Light Glasses – Arise Collective Cameron Blue Light

There is no question that the year 2020 saw us spending even more time looking at screens. To be honest, we didn’t have much choice in the matter. Nevertheless, blue light emitted by mobiles, laptops and TVs can be dangerous. The blue light can cause our eyes to age prematurely, cause headaches, and alter our sleeping patterns. The remedy? Blue light glasses from the Arise Collective. The lenses block your eyes from blue light. What’s more, the clear frames are bang on trend this year, and their versatility means that they are sure to match every single outfit.

3.  Bright & Colourful Frames – SmartBuy Collection Laurie

With clear frames on fashion this year, take the concept one step up with a pop of colour. Did you know, colours can help people remember you and your outfit? So make a long lasting fashion statement with the Laurie frame from the SmartBuy Collection. Even if you prefer a more neutral colour scheme in your wardrobe, these frames are perfect for adding a splash of colour to your get-ups. Not sure which colour to go for? Treat yourself to multiple frames as these specs cost a grand total of £6!

4.  Round Metals – SmartBuy Collection Goold

Round metal frames in a black and gold colour scheme. If that’s not a luxury eyewear look, we don’t know what is! These frames are so stylish and yet so affordable. Shop the SmartBuy Collection to look bang on trend without breaking the bank.

5.  Elegant Reading Glasses – SmartBuy Readers Elvi

Guess what, reading glasses can be fun! They can even be fashionable. They can be total show-stoppers if you want them to be. Just be brave to try something new! After all, they are reading glasses and not worn all day every day, so you can afford to be a little more adventurous. These tortoiseshell spectacles from the SmartBuy Readers Collection are perfect for anyone with a classy fashion sense, and you can easily insert your personal prescription online at the checkout. So whether you are out on the town or flicking through magazines at home, you will want to keep these to hand at all times.

Visit SmartBuyGlasses for thousands of top quality, fashionable frames. And while you’re at it, bear in mind that their zFORTTM blue light blocking technology can be added to any pair of glasses to shield you from digital eye strain. So don’t just look stunning while wearing specs, look after your eyes too, and its all available for the absolute best prices.