Crunch Fitness Abilene: Is now in and reopens

Crunch Fitness Abilene is now in and reopens the doors to former Hastings

John Armatas recognized Abilene as a key player in expanding his Crunch fitness abilene business into West Texas.

Although opening Crunch Fitness Abilene  in the city took Armatas and a business partner a little longer than Amarillo and Lubbock which had their clubs for about a year, he knew it would be there eventually.

Reality was in full force on Thursday at his $3 million investment’s open-house. Pre-registered clients as well as walk-ins toured the former Hastings at 479 S. 14th Street.

  • Abilene is now open for business.
  • Calculating the numbers

Armatas stated, “When we were expanding in Texas we considered opening a gym. Abilene was one the three places that we identified.” It’s a wonderful community.

It’s a huge, well-equipped gym that black hoodie will serve the needs of the large community.

The gym took over the Hastings location. It was converted from a large-box store into a big-box gym. Numerous rows of cardio machines are located along the west side. There are locker rooms, including a sauna, scale, and scale for dedicated weight watchers, as well as child care and a spinning zone, known as “The Ride”.

Jack Williams strains to use the rope trainer. Jack Williams said, “It was difficult,” after he was done. It should have been because he had the resistance set at 7, which is called “hard.”

Walls are decorated with inspiring messages. This encourages employees to have a positive attitude and not be judged.

The club also offers personal training and group Crunch fitness abilene, with TRX suspension ropes, punching bags and a gym for Zumba and yoga classes.

Armatas stated that “Crunch is well-known for its group exercise.” It started as a gym for celebrities in Los Angeles and New York. They could come in and do yoga or other abilenes classes and then get out.

A gym is only as good as the weight-lifting operation. Crunch fitness abilene offers several machines and platforms in the east and center of its building. Do you need to bench press? Crunch offers a variety of bench presses, including free wights or using cables.

  • Leg press, too.
  • This is true for rows, squats and pectoral fly. All options are available.
  • It was constructed; will they come again?

After months of anticipation, the club opened its doors Friday. There were many who wanted to see what was on offer.