The art of cooking

Technique is just as important as the taste of the food. You can have many cooking skills and some recipes may require multiple techniques to create the art of cooking one dish.

It can feel overwhelming to learn the art of cooking when you are new. Even if you aren’t new to the art of cooking, it can feel like that. Jump in and do it again until you see patterns and can map out your favorite routes within the kitchen.

Essential Cooking Techniques

Knowing the steps is key to cooking. These techniques will open up new avenues of expression for your cooking. Multiple types of cooking can be used in a single recipe.


Saute means to fry food in very little fat. The art of cooking Sauteing is the transfer heat from pans to food. Usually, a thin oil coating prevents food sticking to the pan but also aids in conduction of heat and browning of the vegetables or meat.


Stir-frying, a Chinese method of cooking ingredients in small amounts Jacobs Ladder Exercise of hot oil in a wok (a large, thin pan that conducts heat extremely well) is an example. Sauteing can be used in place of a wok if you don’t have one.


The surface of an ingredient should be seared first at high heat to produce a caramelized and flavorful crust. This is also known as “browning”. The key to searing meats and fish is patience. It’s tempting to turn it around after it has touched the pan. However, it will continue to brown until it is fully cooked.


Grilling refers to the process of heating food directly on a metal plate. This heat transfer involves radiation. Grilling is a fast method of browning food. It’s ideal for foods that don’t require prolonged cooking. Find out more about grilling in this comprehensive guide.


Braising is a method of slow cooking that combines pan-searing with slow cooking in liquid. This is usually done in a Dutch oven, slow cooker or slow cooker until the ingredients are tender. Find out more about braising in this comprehensive guide.


Stew is a close relative to the braise, but a step away form a soup. It involves cooking solid ingredients in liquid until the turn soft and melty. They are rich in vegetables and proteins and taste like a hearty gravy.