Cloudnexa allows “Sensiva Health” to Pivot Quickly

Sensiva Health was compelled to upgrade its clinical testing facilities in order to provide reliable and fast COVID-19 test results. Ben Williamson, Sensiva’s chief operating officer, says, “We decided to unite as a company to dedicate all of our resources — software, labs, people and procedures — to fighting COVID head on with our testing.” We put aside everything else.”

Sensiva was well-equipped to handle the task. They have been providing infectious-disease diagnostics to large roark family health-care systems for many years. Sensiva was shocked to discover that its cloud platform was not up to the task when hundreds of COVID testing kits arrived each day for processing.

Sensiva turned Cloudnexa for help to quickly transition to a more robust cloud platform, while still complying with the 1996 health boost mhw Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA). There was no downtime.

Scaling up can make the Sensiva Health difference between life and death.

Sensiva relied on a small private cloud provider, but this was not flexible enough or scalable to meet its growing demands. Sensiva’s COVID-19 testing was approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration for emergency use authorization under Sensiva’s wholly-owned lab, Cormeum Laboratory Services. The result was that thousands of COVID test results arrived daily in large quantities, each requiring a 24-hour turnaround.

Williamson states, “At this pace, you only have one chance to get it right.” “We can’t afford any downtime or lost data.

However, outages and other problems with the provider’s systems continued to mount, according to Todd McCoy (director of technology at Sensiva).

Sensiva’s provider had already announced an upgrade that would result in another multi-hour outage. It was obvious that a change was required. Williamson states that one hour down in our world means thousands of nursing homes, clinics and workers are unable to register for tests. That’s thousands of people waiting for results, and that can make the difference between life and death. Once you have a positive result, it is possible to isolate the person. Every second counts.”

  • “The transition was seamless. Cloudnexa and their knowledge and ability get us what were needed were lifesaving and exactly what we were looking.
  • Cloudnexa helped us migrate to AWS despite our complex compliance work.
  • Cloudnexa seamlessly migrates Sensiva apps to AWS

Sensiva Health selected Cloudnexa as its partner to assist it in moving to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Cloudnexa is able to quickly implement AWS services. It also has extensive experience with HIPAA compliance and the englewood health -care industry, making it an ideal partner to Sensiva.

Cloudnexa identified two apps Sensiva Health could migrate from Windows to AWS in order to meet its most pressing needs. One app was patient-facing and thousands of people used it daily to view their test results. Sensiva Health also used Cloudnexa to help them determine which AWS services would make it easier to save time and reduce manual labor. Caitlin Kabo (Cloudnexa account representative) says that AWS has native solutions that can handle many of these tasks. “We showed them the services that they could use to make things easier.”

Cloudnexa went above and beyond to complete the migration in a weekend with no downtime. McCoy states that the switchover was seamless. Cloudnexa and their knowledge and ability get us what were needed were lifesaving. They were exactly what we were looking.

Preparing for tomorrow’s  growth and meeting today’s needs

Cloudnexa enabled Sensiva Health to not only scale up to meet the pandemic’s needs, but also allowed it to look forward. Cloudnexa also provides managed cloud services to Sensiva. This includes automating maintenance and security patching, and making sure that Sensiva remains HIPAA compliant as its workloads change. McCoy states, “We didn’t have to add managing AWS to everything else we were already doing in-house.” Cloudnexa will assist us in accomplishing what we need as we grow.

Sensiva staff can focus on new services and software development with managed support. It is provided with proactive support 24/7, which includes the 300 checks Cloudnexa performs daily to optimize security, performance, and costs.

Sensiva is also looking to expand internationally, having brought online new state-of the-art labs as well as U.S.-made diagnostic manufacturing facilities. AWS services are able to help Sensiva health check home depot deploy workloads in new areas and meet their varied compliance requirements. AWS services are also being considered by the company for other areas of business. McCoy states that Cloudnexa helped them migrate to AWS despite their complex compliance work. Cloudnexa’s managed services allow us to focus on innovation and winning new business contracts. This is ultimately about being able support the demand during this global crisis.

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