Public Health Careers

Public Health Careers

With a degree in Public Health Careers, you have the opportunity to work in several different areas or specialties. These may include but are not limited to:

  • Environmental Health
  • Occupational Health
  • Health Education
  • Advocacy and Promotion
  • Health Administration
  • Public Health Policy
  • Emergency Management
  • Infectious Disease
  • Global Health
  • Nutrition Epidemiology Biostatistics Behavioral Science
  • Maternal and Child Health

Your degree in public-health will dictate your job title and qualifications. A master’s degree, for instance, makes you a great choice to hold leadership or supervisory roles within these fields.

What are the Best Jobs for Those with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health?

A bachelor’s degree is necessary to work in public health. You have a variety of jobs available that allow you to respond to emergency situations, epidemics or other threats to community health. This course will equip you with analytical and delivery skills for healthcare interventions, counseling services and more – which together with your degree can lead to employment in one of the following careers:

Hospitals and Clinics

Hospitals provide an example of a healthcare work environment. While public health majors aren’t usually required to provide patient care, they could still find employment within these walls with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health. You could, for instance, obtain your Bachelor’s in Public Health to become:

As a Regulatory Compliance Specialist, my job is to guarantee hospitals adhere to all regulations and safety guidelines.

A Health Promotion Specialist works directly with hospitals to devise strategies that promote access to resources and health campaigns. For instance, they could assist their hospital in creating a plan to combat opioid overdoses or create promotional materials like brochures or information regarding an upcoming health initiative.

Research Facilities

Research is an integral part of public health work. Public health workers collect health data, survey populations, and analyze results in order to create policies and initiatives for the sector. Research facilities serve as hubs for this activity – these settings may award you titles such as:

  • Public Health Planner: Your goal in this role is to collect statistics about health in your community for analysis. With these numbers, you can develop policies and plans that promote safer, healthier communities.
  • Public Health Research Associates are responsible for researching trends, data and science related to public health concerns. You might have an interest in areas such as bioterrorism, disaster preparedness, mental health, environment health or other related areas.

Health Organizations and Agencies

Public health specialists can be found in a variety of health-related agencies, departments and organizations. You might work for government agencies creating policies and campaigns at national, state or local levels; non-profit organizations focusing on initiatives that meet organizational objectives. You aren’t limited to working for one particular organization either – public health workers often find that their true home lies within their community; you could even become certified as a public health professional with an advanced degree!

As a Health Education Specialist, you will organize and develop programs to inform populations about healthy living and well-being. Perhaps you will educate children about secondhand smoking or drug abuse, or inform a community of the importance of wearing masks during pandemics. Health Education Specialists can work in non-profits or schools but are also employed by government agencies, clinics, schools, and other settings.

Public Health Advocates provide essential support to communities that require assistance in accessing quality healthcare and resources. Their mission is to eliminate obstacles to good health and foster the development of healthy communities.

As a Disease Prevention Specialist, your mission is to manage, control and prevent disease in your community. This could include creating campaigns to promote wellness, developing treatments that prevent illnesses and surveying populations for signs of infection.

The Emergency Response Planner is a tool that assists you in creating plans to address emergencies in your region. This could include preparing plans in case of natural disasters or an outbreak of an infectious disease.

Where are the best places to work with a master’s degree in public health?

Master’s degrees in Public Health (MPH) can open up new job prospects and increase your employment options. Many positions within public health require a graduate degree, such as Emergency Management Director, Epidemiologist or Health Administrator; these roles require leadership qualities and advanced technical proficiency within public health. With an MPH program you will acquire this specialized knowledge necessary for these positions – leaving the question “where can I work with a master’s degree in public health?” behind.

A master’s degree in Public Health can give you the expertise to hold leadership positions across a range of settings. You could work in hospitals, schools, research facilities, government agencies and healthcare – but with an MPH you could also pursue more challenging roles. Here are some examples of job titles that might be available depending on which specializations you pursue with an MPH degree:

Community Health

  • Health Program Coordinator
  • Director of Community Outreach
  • Public Health Educator

Global Health

  • Global Infectious Diseases Analyst
  • Policy Analyst
  • Global Health Advocate
  • Manager, Healthcare Services Non-Profit Executive Director

Biostatistics & Informatics Director Biostatistician Systems Analyst Health Informatics Specialist Emergency Management Director Disaster Preparedness Coordinator Program Manager Epidemiology and Research

Epidemiologist Clinical Research Coordinator Demographer Environmental Health

Federal or state environmentalists Public Health Engineer Environmental Hygienist Industrial Hygienicist Industrial Hygiene Practitioner Industrial Hygienicist Technician Industrial Hygienenistetall These professions require at least some knowledge base Working as an Occupational Health and Safety Specialist

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