What is the best erectile dysfunction medication?

Erectile dysfunction (ED), is the inability or inability to have a strong enough erection for sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction can be a stressful problem for many men. ED medications have been a lifesaver for millions of men around the world, but it can be difficult to find the www.potenzmittel-apotheke.at/rezeptfrei/levitra.htm most effective erectile dysfunction medication. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are the most well-known ED drugs. These are the most popular ED medications: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Stendra.

What is the working principle of ED medication?

In the United States, erectile dysfunction can affect as many as 30,000,000 men. It’s often caused by psychological and physical problems that affect the brain and blood vessels. Erectile dysfunction medication can improve erectile function by increasing the effects of Nitric Oxide, a chemical that relaxes the penile muscles. This increases blood flow to penis which in turn allows men to have a Potenzmittel Apotheke firm enough erection for sex. If taken correctly, ED medication can be safe and may help men live happier sex lives.


There are many differences in the most common ED medications, including Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. These include how each drug is taken, their cost, side effects, and how long they last. Viagra, for example, is usually only able to stay in the body for four to five hours before it starts to wear off completely. Cialis, however, can be used to aid in erections and can stay in the body up to 36 hours.

It takes Viagra and Cialis about 30 minutes for the medications to begin working. Levitra and Stendra can start working within 15 minutes. To treat erectile dysfunction using ED pills, it is important to remember that sexual stimulation is required to make the pills work. It is not enough to just take one pill.

Some ED medications can be taken on a daily basis, while others must be taken only when necessary. This is why Cialis is so popular. It allows men to have sex at any time because it circulates continuously in the bloodstream. Viagra, on the other hand, must be taken between one and four hours before sexual activity. It is also taken at a higher dose.


It is important to look at the cost of each medication. Erectile dysfunction medications don’t come cheap. The generic Viagra costs only $40 per pill while brand Viagra can cost as much as $70 per tablet. Cialis is available for $12 per pill, or $360 per month. Levitra costs an average of $111 per tablet.

It is important to note that although ED medications are designed to assist men in erection maintenance, there are differences in their effectiveness and cost. Talk to a doctor if you are interested in the details of ED medication and how to incorporate ED pills into your life.

Permanent ED

Permanent erectile dysfunction is one of the greatest concerns regarding ED drugs. Although it’s rare for this to happen, some men may develop a dependence on ED drugs that makes getting an erection more difficult. Sometimes, ED medication can lead to prolonged erections lasting more than four hours. This can be very painful and can cause permanent damage if not treated. It is best to get medical attention as soon as you feel that your erections are prolonged.

Vision is changing

Vision changes are one of the most serious side effects of ED drugs like Viagra or Levitra. According to the official website of Viagra, sudden vision loss can occur in one or both eyes after taking the medication. This could be an indication of non-arteritic posterior ischemic optic nervepathy (NAION), which is a serious eye condition. To avoid any potential vision loss or eye damage, people who take ED medication should consult a doctor immediately.

Stroke and heart attack

Heart attacks and strokes are the most severe side effects of ED medication like Viagra. These medications are not recommended for people with heart disease or other serious conditions.

Which ED medication is most effective?

Your doctor will prescribe the most effective ED pill. Before prescribing medication, doctors consider many factors and may recommend one ED pill to you based upon your weight, age, and medical history.

While some ED pills are more well-known than others, this does not necessarily mean that they work better or are safer than others. Viagra, for example, isn’t safer than Cialis, or vice versa. However, each pill can cause different side effects.

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