Can you name the 7 Sake set? Sake can be served with many different vessels, from small Sake cups to large wooden Sake boxes.

You can drink your favorite sake, and you should, but it may be more enjoyable to learn about the different sake vessels that give you different aromas and textures. The complete guide to Sake sets will help you visualise!

Sake Cups

Two things to keep in mind when choosing a Sake set

1. Capacity

As the temperature of Sake changes,its aromas and flavors change. Mandala yoga Sake should be served in small cups so you can empty it before the temperature changes.

2. 2. The mouth size of the cup

The more open the cup’s mouth, the easier it is to smell the Sake aroma. This is because the oxidization and volatilization processes of aromatic elements accelerate.

* Different shapes of Sake Cups

Sake cup shapes are believed to affect the taste of Sake. There are four types of Sake cups: straight, straight, bowl, and trumpet. Their effect on Sake taste is not scientifically proven and remains controversial.

If you are interested in the smell, use a bowl-shaped Sake Cup if possible. This is the same way you can smell and swirl aromas, just like wine.

Sake Servers

1. Tokkuri

Tokkuri can be described as a flask, carafe or cup to hold sake. To make hot sake, the sake-filled tokkuri was traditionally heated in hot water. Heat cannot escape through the narrow neck. Tokkuri can also be used to make cold sake. You can either serve cold sake straight from the sake bottles or from tokkuri, but many prefer tokkuri because it offers the traditional atmosphere. Sake sets are often a mixture of Ochoko and Tokkuri.

2. Katakuchi

Katakuchi is an open-mouthed Sake Server. Katakuchi, which comes in a variety of shapes, is an alternative to Tokkuri. Katakuchi’s wide mouth makes it unsuitable for hot Sake. Sake would cool down rapidly with its open mouth. Katakuchi is better for room-temperature Sake. Katakuchi isn’t just for Japanese sake. It can also be used to make salad dressings and to hold many other dishes.

Materials of Sake Set

Sake materials set matter. Certain materials retain Sake’s temperature longer while others have a more suitable texture for certain Sake types.

1. Glass

It is great for cold Sake. A thinner rim makes the Sake have a smoother texture. A wine glass is the best choice for aromatic Ginjo Sake.

2. Wood / Bamboo

This gives the room a traditional, minimalist look. Sake can be infused with subtle aromas of bamboo or wood.

3. Ceramic

Traditional Japanese crafts, whose appearance can vary depending on the wares and where they were made. These wares can be used for hot Sake and are heat-resistant. A pottery piece with a rough texture is best suited for the Junmai style Sake.

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