Recap: Toned-up — Episodes 7 & 8 — Finale

The girls reverse through hundreds of photographs of Themselves, such as a giant mirrored fun house. Then they get a call from self Magazine (do people read those things?) About top a challenge to shed ten lbs. Andthey’re doing exactly the 2013 spring effort for Oakley, which…would you have a time server? As I don’t own a time system.

Katrina is afraid of what will happen to Karena Once she marries the additional guy who resides within their property. Subsequently, Karena is on a date together with Bobby. They’re just two sixes at a sea of eights, desperately hoping to come across the right seven. It really is moving fast, together with Bobby talking about producing lists using Karena. Aww.

The huge sunglass afternoon is now here. It’s Basically the both of those walking into yoga equipment, however they keep holding hands that’s so perhaps not the ideal campaign. They capture the shooter, so…which took place.

Karena wants to Speak to Brian again about perhaps Not making her movement from this apartment. But just in case, she seems at a few flats. They have been sad little apartments with semi sea views…oh exactly what? Don’t you think £ 4,900/30 days to get a one bedroom flat can be maybe a bit much for some body without, for example a job? I used ton’t squander family members cash on these two since they appear so sticky, but perhaps this could be the California version of trust funders. Subsequently, they look at a three-bedroom flat on the beach, and most of a sudden moving out will not look just like the oddest idea on the planet. Nevertheless, it truly is $10,000/month, therefore she would require a roommate. Oh, the horror!

Display 8:”Toned On Perfection”

We’ve finally arrived at the ending with the crapfest. Can Katrina and Brian have married? And certainly will Karena at any time move out? Did some one purchase their DVD? And also a DVD player? The expectation is killing me.

It is the afternoon of this Magazine Photo-shoot, And the girls are pissed off at one another across the whole moving out thing. They will need to have over their despair for the cameras as the cosmetics is already accomplishing double-duty.

After in front of the camera, then the mad woman from The magazine brings up the energy and has everybody else smiling. They throw apples in each other and switch into rhinestone work out gear. You will find romantic work out shots whilst sunlight is setting, and”bazing, bazam, bazoom,” the image shoot is all over.

It has girls nighttime , also Brian. There seems to be A tacky heel contest that’s fun. Subsequently Brian attracts Bobby to watch Karena’s skin-tight space dress and a blackhole joke and exploring the galaxies…amazing wine period! “We’ll execute a bottle of Champagne, and we are going to do a bottle of chardonnay.”

Following, it’s Katrina’s engagement party, a Evening Where they can celebrate every other day. Who wears a dress like that into their participation celebration? It’s skintight turquoise stretch velvet mini dress with a zipper up the arse. Significantly. Ugh. Afterward, Katrina takes Karena out to inform her that she and Brian’ve found a position and therefore are moving out because Karena will neverleave that apartment. After abandoning her friend, she asks Karena when she is her maid of honour.

Two weeks afterwards, Katrina and Brian are signaling Their belongings with neon tape. There’s a lot of rock paper scissors that’s the greatest decider. After Katrina ultimately leaves, they continue 47-minutes ahead of calling eachother to hold outside. And they’re just two cubes off from eachother.