What to do when the Health Inspector comes knocking

What to do when the Health Inspector comes knocking

Even if your home is well-maintained with a food safety plan, regular cleanings and a schedule for preventative maintenance, it can still be stressful to have a health inspector visit. These are some tips that will make your visit to the health inspector as productive and smooth as possible.

Remember that you are part of the same team.

Remember that you are all part of the same team. Sometimes it seems like restaurant managers or health inspectors have a hostile relationship. But, in reality, you both share the same goal. Both you and your patrons want a healthy and safe environment in which they can enjoy your food and beverages. The visit should not be viewed as an inconvenience. You might gain useful information that will help you improve your operations. These photos show a filthy restaurant that was featured on Food Network’s series Health Inspector. You can then test your skills before you do your own inspection.

Be professional and polite.

You should be polite and professional. You might disagree with some inspector’s conclusions during inspection. You should not confront them and ask questions about how they are doing their job. Remain calm, collected and composed. Remain calm and collected.

If you want to dispute an item in the inspection report, make sure to use a professional approach and not get into a fight. Sometimes a little respect can make a difference and you may be able to reach a mutually agreeable solution.

Demonstrate an ability to resolve any issues immediately

Be willing to solve any problems immediately. You should be willing to immediately correct any problems if you notice repeated violations from your employees. Your case can be helped by showing the inspector the plan for improvement. This will let them know you recognize the problem and are on the right track to correcting it.

Take initiative and get involved.

Participate and be proactive. Participate in local committees or boards. This will give you the chance to make changes and to work with inspectors directly in a different capacity. The better you can adapt, the more you’ll be informed about changes in food safety and health regulations.

Share your food safety plan.

Your food safety plans should be shared. Make sure to update your plans as regulations change. Everyone will benefit from this free exchange of information. The inspector can learn from you about the strategies that have worked well and share these with other restaurants looking for ideas. You can also get helpful feedback from the inspector that will help you make your job easier.

Let the inspector share their findings with you.

Share the results of the inspector with your employees. Food safety boils down to well-trained staff who take pride in their job and want to produce safe and delicious products. They should be willing to share their ideas and learn from others. You can involve them in the process and have them talk directly to the inspector to clarify the areas that need improvement.

It is important to be ready for a visit by a health inspector. This means that you must practice good food safety and keep your kitchen and areas for food preparation clean. By being proactive in the work you can protect your customers and avoid stressful visits from the health department. You should have a food safety program in place. Make sure your employees know and follow the protocols.

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