Coffee Recipes

What you need to know about Cholesterol and Coffee

According to Dr. Bruemmer, brewed coffee is free of cholesterol and should not be considered a concern. He says that there are some coffees where the low-density cholesterol (LDL) levels might be higher, such as French press coffee, Turkish coffee, and espresso.

LDL cholesterol is often considered to be the “bad” cholesterol. It causes fatty deposits in your arteries and reduces or blocks the flow of blood. High-density lipoprotein, or HDL, is the other type of cholesterol. It can remove LDL from your bloodstream.

He says that coffee has very little, if any, effect on cholesterol in relation to the amount we consume. It’s the same with adding cream or sugar to Coffee Recipes: If it’s consumed in moderation it won’t have much effect.

Dr. Bruemmer states that most of the LDL in our bodies is genetically predetermined. Consuming the wrong foods can make it worse. Your LDL would not drop much if your coffee quit was stopped.

Beware of the frappuccino

It’s possible to cause serious damage to other types of coffee drinks. Americans now consume large, sugary espresso drinks with whipped cream. These are more like dessert than breakfast.

Dr. Bruemmer states, “Now we’re no longer talking about coffee.” “We are talking cream and caramel, high-sugar foods. They are usually consumed as a complete meal and contain 50g or more sugar. When you add in the cream and the size, you get 600 calories. That’s almost a quarter of your daily calories. This is completely out of proportion with what moderation would allow.

This becomes worse when you add in other bakery snacks to your daily routine. He says that the food industry is extremely consumer-oriented. They want to make sure people return for more, so they can create these delicious and satisfying drinks that are still high in calories. It’s a vicious circle.”

The bottom line

A little bit of sugary coffee mix is okay every now and again, but it’s best to limit your consumption and stick with classic brewed coffee.