Can I claim for repetitive strain injury?

Can I claim for repetitive strain injury?

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is the term used to describe discomfort from repeated movement of a physical component. Though it typically heals on its own, there are some actions you can take to speed up recovery. It may be felt as burning or aching or throbbing, and you could also experience stiffness and weakening, along with muscles cramps or inflammation. Any area can sustain repetitive strain injury (RSI). It is most commonly affecting the elbows, shoulders and forearms.

If your complaints are the result of poor conditions at work, you could be able to sue your employer for an RSI settlement. Set up a Health Tips consultation for a no-cost if you have an injury from repetitive strain and feel the employer is responsible.

If you sue your employer, you’re legally protected from being discriminated against or fired. As long as you have an issue even if your previous employer is no longer in operation, you can still file an RSI lawsuit against them for compensation. Then, you’ll start gathering evidence to back your claim. Loss of wages and medical costs will be compensated with fairness.

Who can claim for repetitive strain injury

Workers who repeatedly perform the same motions for long durations are most likely RSI victims. Workers who spend the majority of their working hours typing on a computer are the most susceptible to suffering the effects of repetitive strain injuries.

If you want to make an RSI claim, two most important tasks you have to achieve are:

  • You have to show that your employer didn’t comply with their legal obligation to keep you safe.
  • Prove that these irresponsible working practices resulted in your repetitive strain injury.
  • To allow your RSI claim to be successful all of the requirements above must be satisfied. If you have RSI but are unable to prove the negligence of your employer caused it, you may not have a strong case, and your chances of a fair compensation are now blemished.
  • Employer negligence, such as, can be shown by giving strong proof that your employer was the cause of your RSI.
  • You’re on your computer for long times without taking breaks.
  • Desks and chairs that are not ergonomically designed or constructed properly, resulting in bad posture while working.
  • Perform tasks continuously, such as input of data or other repetitive tasks for lengthy periods.
  • Work environments that are not well-organized or cramped can cause unnecessary stress to joints.
  • Lack of or inadequate training in safe work procedures.
  • Which professions are eligible to claim RSI?
  • Here are the following occupations that you could take advantage of RSI.

Workplace Staff claim RSI

There are numerous locations that we could observe the effects of technology and how it could trigger RSIs. It may still be most visible for office workers, specifically those who use computers. RSIs were probably invented by women who worked in the past as secretaries, typewriters or as typewriters.

Trade jobs Claim RSI

Plumbers and electricians are typically required to stand or crouch in uncomfortable positions for long periods of time to solve difficulties. It is easy to see how repetitive strain injuries (RSI) could develop in people who do this for long periods of time. Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is a result of working in an industry.

The repeated lifting of heavy loads, working in extreme conditions, and usually performing the same job over a long time can all contribute to the development of an RSI.

Medical workers claim RSI.

Medical work can be difficult and requires long hours. This work has become more difficult as people age and more people are suffering from obesity-related issues. This daily repeated tension on the back and legs is the ideal prescription for developing RSI.

Stock clerks and grocery stores have claimed RSI.

Stock clerks at grocery stores are frequently called upon to perform their duties in uncomfortable positions for long periods of time, with their arms raised over their heads, and often in uncomfortable postures. The problem is not the stocking of shelves, but the repeated stocking can cause RSI.

RSI is accessible to domestic servants and cleaning staff.

RSI is often caused by repeated cleaning and mopping. Cleaning is done with the knees and hands. The janitor who is responsible for cleaning the floors of your building or at your child’s school eating place, or shopping mall often uses their wrists and arms. Hotel cleaning staff must also create hundreds of beds, scrub bathtubs, and clean toilets.


A variety of other professions like musicians, and hairdresser welders can be afflicted with RSI. If you find yourself under such conditions, you must record your injury by keeping all medical records you have and report your injury to your lawyer. An experienced attorney will guide you in the right direction. Talk to your physician for advice from your lawyer. Americus’ Americus personal injury lawyer can guide you and give you maximum compensation through insurance companies.

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